Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold

A simple list of my current favourite Jazz songs from YouTube. Featured artists include: Dorothy Ashby, Thelonious Monk, John Kirby Sextet, Roy Eldridge etc. - Read more.

Close encounters of the Rexx kind

Apologies for the cheesy post title. Anyway, I rather dislike the Windows startup sounds so I decided to use a bit of Rexx to make things interesting. - Read more.

Tasty egg curry

This curry is made with hard boiled eggs and invloves a bit of the old pestle and mortar. So, you get a tasty curry and a workout...woohoo! - Read more.

Glassy/Glazie - an easy to make Anglo-Indian curry

There are no chillies, onions or garlic in this very tasty curry recipe. It's also quite adaptable as you can make it with beef, lamb, haloumi, Quorn, paneer or just vegetables. - Read more.

Ghostery in Opera makes Technorati look like it needs to eat more food

I like the Ghostery extension for Opera. I like Technorati. Unfortunately Ghostery doesn't like Technorati. Fight! - Read more.

A simple bar chart using a .gif and Files4Mask

Not the most complex of code but it's a bit of fun and easy to maintain. Replacing the .gif with a bit of inline CSS could be interesting(ish). - Read more.

Using a macro from within a CSV file to include code examples

The PPWizard code in this post allows you to use macros from within a CSV file. So, this code has been used to show how to use itself and...oh my, it's gone all Ouroboros! - Read more.

Simplified #DefineRexx IMPORT_RECORD_FILTER

PPWizard (PPW) is used to make all the pages of Warmtoast. This is my 2nd site made using PPW and my code has changed quite a bit. - Read more.


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