Glassy/Glazie - an easy to make Anglo-Indian curry

FoodThere are no chillies, onions or garlic in this very tasty curry recipe. It's also quite adaptable as you can make it with beef, lamb, haloumi, Quorn, paneer or just vegetables.

Let's start off with the ingredients, followed by the directions and then I'll try and tempt you to make it...

The ingredients and directions listed below are for the haloumi version.

Don't forget you can use pretty much anything you want such as: beef, lamb, Quorn etc. A simple carrot and potato glassy is nice, especially with coconut rice. Mmm. So, directions are below.

So, why should you try this recipe?

I should mention that this recipe comes from my grandmother, who was Anglo-Indian. She was an amazing cook.

A very nice looking meat version of glassy by Bridget White-Kumar is listed below.

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