Ghostery in Opera makes Technorati look like it needs to eat more food

OperaI like the Ghostery extension for Opera. I like Technorati. Unfortunately Ghostery doesn't like Technorati. Fight!

Technorati allows you to 'claim a blog'. In order for me to claim Warmtoast as my blog, I had to include a code they provided me with → 3N9G2NWSZ2AX in a new post. Oh, this is the post.

I know, I know, all of that is jolly exciting...but there's more! The previously mentioned Ghostery extension for Opera makes Technorati look like this.

Sorry. Ghostery makes Technorati look like THIS!

In order to make things go back to normal when visiting Technorati you need to:

Or, if you just want a temporary fix:

Congratulations, you prevented a fight and everyone is friends again. Oh, and my brother is the monkey playing drums.

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