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Rexx and PPWizard

Code examples, hints and tips and how-to's for Rexx and PPWizard.

Close encounters of the Rexx kind

Apologies for the cheesy post title. Anyway, I rather dislike the Windows startup sounds so I decided to use a bit of Rexx to make things interesting. - Read more

A simple bar chart using a .gif and Files4Mask

Not the most complex of code but it's a bit of fun and easy to maintain. Replacing the .gif with a bit of inline CSS could be interesting(ish). - Read more

Using a macro from within a CSV file to include code examples

The PPWizard code in this post allows you to use macros from within a CSV file. So, this code has been used to show how to use itself and...oh my, it's gone all Ouroboros! - Read more

Simplified #DefineRexx IMPORT_RECORD_FILTER

PPWizard (PPW) is used to make all the pages of Warmtoast. This is my 2nd site made using PPW and my code has changed quite a bit. - Read more

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