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A simple bar chart using a .gif and Files4Mask

Rexx and PPWizardNot the most complex of code but it's a bit of fun and easy to maintain. Replacing the .gif with a bit of inline CSS could be interesting(ish).

Before I forget, there is (unless I make some changes and forget to update this post ;) a working example on the warmtoast homepage.

#DefineRexx ''
    call Files4Mask "your\directory1\*.html", "name1","N","N"
    call Files4Mask "your\directory2\*.html", "name2","N","N"
    call Files4Mask "your\directory3\*.html", "name3","N","N"

So, the above code counts the .html files in the 'your\directory1\' etc.

The code below inserts the number of .html pages for the given directory into the image width. 23 'name1' pages (in 'your\directory1\') would make the .gif 23px wide.

<img src="/graphics/bar.gif" height="7" width="<??name1.0>" alt="">

I suppose everything would be fine unless you had something like 2000+ pages in a directory...

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