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Using a macro from within a CSV file to include code examples

Rexx and PPWizardThe PPWizard code in this post allows you to use macros from within a CSV file. So, this code has been used to show how to use itself and...oh my, it's gone all Ouroboros!

I'm not 100% happy with this code (it needs to be 'neater') but it does work. I've included my notes in case it helps anyone.

; Add a dependancy to _CODE.txt
; Keep indentation ON for fragments only, turn OFF after use
; Mandatory macro used for #include fragment parameter
; Code to use in CSV <$wtcode wteg=@p1@> (post 1 etc)
    #define+ wtcode \
        #DependsOn INPUT "_CODE.txt" \
        #Option keepindent=ON \
            <?NewLine><pre><code> \
                #include "_CODE.txt" ^[{$wteg}]^ \
            </code></pre><?NewLine> \
        #Option keepindent=OFF \

I've also included some screenshots just in case the above doesn't make sense:

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